Our Team


Our Team

Cruz Pfeffer– Editor-in-chief

Cruz  is an Economics major by qualification, and writer by profession. He has been an active contributor to the blockchain space. As an economist, she is interested in the financial scope of cryptocurrencies, and as an individual, she is passionate about the latest technologies. When He is not researching, she spends her time travelling, exploring the entrepreneurial space, or losing herself in a book.


Pierce Maggio  – Sub-Editor

Pierce  holds a masters degree in Applied Physics. He  has a keen interest in exploring new technologies and expresses her curiosity by writing for various technology platforms. He is an avid follower of Blockchain technology. He strongly believes that blockchain will bring lasting transformations in people’s lives in the years to come.


Kyler Auer – Senior Journalist

Kyler   holds a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and is currently a content creator at The Blockchain Feeds. She  is an individual with eclectic taste in the occult, esoteric and anything in relation to what happens behind the veil of perception. She also has a keen interest in the interplay of film, geopolitics, espionage and psychological warfare.


Emory Shanahan – Journalist

Emory  holds a masters in Biotechnology and is currently a journalist. A biotechnologist to journalist has seen it all in his transition. She is very meticulous about his work and optimistic in approach to life and nature. She is an ardent learner and has special proclivity towards blockchain and internet of things. In his spare time, he loves reading self inspirational books, watching action movies and cooking. His optimistic approach has given him few successful stories over the past few years.