Amazon employees get November 29 deadline to quit voluntarily

Amazon has already announced the layoff of thousands of employees, and now it has come to light that the company is asking people to quit voluntarily. According to internal documents seen by CNBC, the e-commerce giant is sending “voluntary layoff” offers to some employees in various divisions. This also includes human resources and employee services departments.

For those who are ready to leave the company, Amazon will give them severance pay over the next three months and a week’s salary for every six months they are with Amazon. The offer will also include a weekly stipend for 12 weeks, which the report says can “be used to offset COBRA premiums.” Employees will also continue to receive insurance by the end of this year. Amazon is not asking people to make a decision immediately and has given a specific time frame. Employees reportedly have until November 29 to decide whether to resign voluntarily. After this, people will also have the option to withdraw their application for it until December 5, in case they change their minds.

The report stated that the e-commerce giant would report on the approved resignations next month, with its last day being December 23. Amazon has also laid off many employees as part of cost savings. According to reports, job cuts have been made in the group of devices such as the Alexa voice assistant, the retail division and human resources. Amazon reportedly plans to lay off up to 10,000 employees but will phase them out. At a meeting, the company allegedly asked many people to look for another job in the next two months, suggesting that it gives people some time before firing them.

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