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Pawan Kalyan and N Chandrababu Naidu

Pawan Kalyan and N Chandrababu Naidu

Vijayawada: The political churn in AP has entered a hitherto unforeseen and definitive phase as a result of the turmoil of confrontationist politics of the YSRCP. The ruling party’s precipitous politics over the three Capitals issue has drawn together the principal Opposition, TDP and Jana Sena here on Tuesday to declare a joint action to take on the YSRCP henceforth in the “best interests of democracy”.

The ‘new strategy’, TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, said was necessitated by the “misrule” of YSRCP which had crossed all tolerable limits and boundaries of civility. Both the leaders after a one-on-one meeting which lasted over an hour told the media, “We are driven to a corner and have no other option now.”

“We have been working our own ways to counter the onslaught of the ruling party on democratic traditions and values all these days. Every right and liberty are at stake here. Neither the commoners nor the political leaders can speak truth to the power. Intimidation, harassment, illegal cases, detentions, and personal attacks have become the norm. A time has come for us to jointly fight the misrule keeping aside our politics. A joint action programme would be evolved soon to take on the might of the YSRCP,” declared both Naidu and Pawan Kalyan at a joint address.

Naidu said he saw how Pawan Kalyan was cornered in Vizag when he sought to hold his ‘Jana Vaani’ programme by the YSRCP and hence came to declare solidarity to him.

He cited his plight too earlier in Vizag and Tirupati wherefrom he was bundled out without being allowed into the cities. “What kind of a devilish pleasure does the Chief Minister derive out of this? Neither people nor we have security here. All rules are broken, and people’s woes are multiplying. Fear is all pervading. This situation is unparalleled. It has become a question of survival for political parties here”, Naidu added, calling upon all political parties, youth and all other organisations to join hands in the fight to save democracy.

Pawan Kalyan chipped in to say “we are not talking of coming together for the sake of election. Electoral nitty gritty is for the future to decide. Our joint action is for instilling confidence among people and in saving democracy. All parties, the Left, the BJP and all civil society groups should come forward in this cause. Several leaders have called me when I was holed up in Vizag and hundreds of cases were foisted on our people. We await the response of others”.

He insisted on adopting a ‘changed strategy’ to take on the YSRCP “legally, politically, morally and tactically” as the times called for it. “Even the BJP leaders like Sunil Deodhar and Purandeswari, apart from some Telangana leaders, spoke to me”.

Earlier, Naidu urged people to realize that no one was safe in the State and the treatment being meted out to leaders like him and Pawan Kalyan would also be knocking the doors of all. “No one will be spared. Don’t think you and your properties are safe under this rule”.

It may be recalled that recently the fans of the Mega family stars got together under the guidance of Naga Babu and Nadendla Manohar to chalk out a joint programme.

Reasons for New Strategy

• Misrule of YSRCP crossed all tolerable limits and boundaries of civility

• Oppn driven to a corner and have no other option

• Working on ways to counter onslaught of ruling party on democratic traditions and values

• Every right and liberty are at stake

• Commoners and political leaders cannot speak truth

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