Pathetic condition of roads in cultural city ahead of Dasara

Pathetic condition of roads in cultural city ahead of Dasara

Pathetic condition of roads in cultural city ahead of Dasara

Mysuru: As the government announced that the world-renowned Dasara festival would be celebrated in a grand manner this year, the people expected that the roads of cultural city would get facelift. However, the situation has not changed even though there are few days left for the festival. Most roads are filled with potholes.

Due to Covid, the government did not take action to repair the road. In addition, this August has seen more than usual rainfall which has further worsened the roads across the city. The promise of the people’s representatives and officials that the potholes will be repaired quickly and the public will be allowed to move smoothly has not been fulfilled.

There is also a question whether Dasara celebration is limited to Raja Marg. This is because, the improvement of the roads around the Mysore Palace, which is considered as the ‘core area’ of the city, has been given priority. Most of the roads in the city are damaged.

The condition of internal roads in many layouts are completely filled with potholes. There are big potholes here and there. It is customary to give special grants from the government to the Corporation for undertaking infrastructure during Dasara However, this time the non-availability of grant has also become a problem.

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the city for Yoga Day, only a few roads were ‘asphalted’. It was the hope of the people that all the potholes on the roads would e repaired during Dasara. But this expectation turned false.

or the first time in the history of dasara , the first citizen of the country, President Draupadi Murmu, will inaugurate the festival. However, the fact that most of the major roads have not been repaired has led to people’s dissatisfaction.

The grant was received due to the concern of MLAs in Krishnaraja and Chamaraj assembly constituencies. Rs 25 crore was released during the tenure of previous mayor Sunanda Phalanatra. Works are going on under this fund provision. ‘Everything will be completed by Dasara’ says Mayor Shivakumar.

However, when reality check is conducted in the city, work has been done on only a few roads. Repair work has not started even though Bhoomi Pooja has been done in some places. Mayor Shivakumar says that grants have been sanctioned for Chamaraj and Krishnaraj constituencies and the work has started. But, in fact, the repair work has not been

accelerated. According to Shastra, except for work in a couple of places, no work has been done in the rest. Buttons are not ‘liberated’. Roads are in a bad condition when we travel in that part.

Tourists from outside districts, states and countries come to witness the world famous Mysore Dussehra. Thus, those who come visit the tourist spots. If there are good roads while traveling like this, they will have a good impression about the cultural city. A bad message is

sent if damaged says Ayub Khan, the leader of the Opposition in the Mysuru city corporation. He expressed displeasure that the roads have not been improved as a result of the government’s lack of concern.

The roads around the central bus stand are also damaged. Potholes are also welcoming tourists on the roads opposite the railway station. Accidents are also invited!

Kuvempunagar represented by Mayor Sivakumar and Siddhartha Nagar areas of the ward represented by Deputy Mayor Dr.G.Rupa Yogesh are filled with pot holes. Most of the roads in Siddhartha Nagar are in very bad condition. However, no action has been taken to repair it. Roads around Ramalingeshwar Temple in Vidyaranyapuram are in a bad condition! The ‘Modi Yuga Utsav’ is being held near it.

The road from Vidyaranyapuram towards the orchard is also potholed. Hundreds of school-college students travel on this road daily. However, the people concerned have not taken action to repair it, which has led to the outrage of the citizens.

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